Whipped Up Wedding Wear – A Matching Affair

You know, I never thought I would be one of those mom’s who would be making matching outfits for her and her daughter. Sometimes I surprise myself. We had a spring wedding that my loving husband sprung upon me two weeks before the date…  No worries babe. I will whip up a couple of dresses!  I set out on Google to find another pattern.  For a late March wedding, I wanted something springy and fresh.  Enter my new obsession: Made for Mermaids Patterns (M4M).  I joined their Facebook group awhile ago and had been quietly stalking the newsfeed to get inspiration. Inspiration did I get! Someone had shared a dress they made from some Hobby Lobby Liverpool. This is a thicker more stable knit with a textured right side.  Hobby Lobby doesn’t have the best quality of knits but this one was too pretty to pass up. I bought three yards with their daily 40% off coupon and my total was less than $20. This included some other notions I bought.

The dress I had decided on is called the Mama Joy. I thought it was perfect for a wedding and I was excited to try my hand at a zipper and pleats. The reason I chose this dress is because Emma was tagging along with us and I needed to be able to nurse her easily.  I’m sure you are all familiar with LulaRoe… I wanted to kind of recreate the Amelia. You can wear it backwards to change up the look or to nurse in. Here is my final creation! Side note – this is the first dress I made with my shiny new serger!

Dresses-34.jpgThis pattern was a dream to piece together. I loved that none of the pages needed to be trimmed and there were points of reference on every corner that made alignment a cinch. (Immediately after I finished this dress I bought another M4M pattern because I loved it so much – post coming soon.)

This pattern comes with several neck, sleeve, and hem options. I went with the low scoop neck, short sleeved, mini length version.  I’ve learned that all of the M4M patterns are drafted for a height of 5’5″ and they have a note about adjusting the pattern if you are taller or shorter. Being that I am 5’8″, I had to lengthen the bodice and the skirt.  This was my first time ‘slashing and spreading’ a pattern so I was a little nervous.


The pleat instructions were spot on. Mine are not perfect but that was not for lack of instructions. They made it really easy to understand what to do. I’m sure my pleating will get better with practice!  As for my zipper installation…it’s also far from perfect. I felt like the instructions were clear but I wasn’t sure how the top of the zipper should look since I had never installed one before. I am a super visual person so some extra pictures in the pattern would have helped me here but I kind of just winged finishing off the top of the zipper by folding the excess tails under and stitching them down. Again, much room for improvement.

I was however, very excited with how my hems came out. I spent a little more time on them and I feel like they look so much better than they did with my first dress. The serger definitely helps make it look more professional!

Mama Joy Hem

The dress was a success and Emma nursed twice during the wedding.  I felt so proud wearing something I had made and being able to easily nurse her in a dress!

For Emma’s dress I went to my go to shop right now for baby clothes – Brindille & Twig.  I made her the t-shirt dress. It’s a super fast sew and super cute! I learned how to sew clothes and put together patterns with Brindille & Twig. Their instructions and pictures are perfect and so easy to follow. I don’t love how their patterns line up, but that’s a minor detail. Also, I’ve noticed their items run a little large so I usually size down a little for my petite monkey.

I loved our matching outfits and I loved how easy the serger made working with knits!

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