Long Nights for Short Shorts

Mummykins and Me (Now Rebecca Page) Ladies Berry Bubble Shorts

Y’all…I am so obsessed with sewing right now that I literally did not eat dinner last night because I wanted to lock myself upstairs and sew.  I also really wanted to get these shorts finished for our upcoming vacation! I started these on a Sunday night after Emma went down. I spent an hour cutting out the pattern and the fabric then called it quits to spend time with hubs. I worked for about 3 hours on Monday night, about 3.5 hours Tuesday night, and half an hour Wednesday night uninterrupted. I always wonder how long it takes others to complete sewing projects. So from start to finish it took me 8 hours. Seems like a long time…  This was my first time with this pattern and it does have a lot going on so I might get quicker with the next pair (there will be a next pair!).

So far this was the most complicated pattern I’ve ever attempted. I’ve only worked with knits so I had to adjust my machine settings to get a good looking stitch. I also picked a pretty slippery fabric which made cutting and piecing together harder than it should have been – but if you know me, I can’t pass up palm trees…


The elastic back was this hardest part for me. I am sure I will be making these again because I love the fit so I’m going to try doing a casing instead. I actually might try to undo this one and redo it. But then again, I might not because there are too many things I want to sew… I couldn’t stretch the elastic without interrupting the material feeding through the machine. I had to stop and start several times to readjust the lining and I got really frustrated. I was really proud of all my neat stitches until this step. Sad Face.

I do love that these are fully lined. Gives them a really professional look – until you look up close…


The saddest part of the whole process was sewing on the leg binding.  I got all the way around and there was not enough to complete the leg hole. I know I cut the piece right…I must have gone wrong somewhere else.  I should have taken the binding off and cut a longer piece but instead I stitched on some extra fabric to bridge the gap…it’s on my inner thighs so you can see it but it bugs me that it’s there.IMG_5920Overall I really LOVE the fit of these shorts and I would really like to make another pair.


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