Not Your Typical Knot! Made For Mermaids Kourtney Knot

I don’t know about you guys but I HATE tucking in my shirts or using a hair tie to knot my dress, however, I LOVE the look of both.  Who has time to worry about keeping a corner of their shirt tucked in or keeping a hair tie in place holding your dress knot in? Not this girl.  Solution: Made for Mermaids Mama Kourtney Knot and Kourtney Knot.

IMG_9142 edit copy

These are soooo cute and simple.  The knot construction is super easy and clever, and the fit is flattering; semi-fitted at the bust and more forgiving at the hips.

The tiny version is adorable as well.



IMG_9154Something amazing about this pattern is that you can apply the knot to pretty much anything.  I have a LuLa-Who shirt that is super comfy but I’m not a huge fan of the fit.  I added the Kourtney Knot and now my shirt fits perfectly and has a little bit of added flare.  Other knot patterns out there require you to have extra pieces, or oddly cut fronts which limits your capabilities, but (k)not this one.

Just to give you an idea of how quick the knot is – I took the before picture at 2:40 and took the after one at 2:55! And that was with a 13 month old wandering around my sewing room!

Our turquoise dresses are made from this So Sew English ITY and I love the way they drape.  For versions with the knot, something light and drapey is best. Rayon spandex, ITY, etc.   Mine is a blue bust graded to purple waist and hips.  Emma’s is a size 1/2.

I see many more of these in our future!

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