Gone Batty for Halloween!

I love Halloween. But for some reason I didn’t get into the spirit until a few nights before.  I didn’t have a costume for me or for my munchkin.  But Patterns for Pirates came to my rescue.  They came out with a free Gone Batty top that was perfect.  The doodles fabric from JoAnn’s was great for it too.

Ziggy thought he was so cool too. He really wanted to be Tom Cruise from Risky Business. I told him that it would be tough to pull off but he worked it.

And I made my momma a matching one!! So from across the United States we matched on Halloween (along with everyone else that made the Gone Batty Top)!

I found a fun picture on Pinterest that I liked for some little bat wings on my eyes!
I whipped up a little outfit for Emma using the Made for Mermaids Kourtney Knot Top and the Brindille & Twig Leggings.She is a little too young to trick or treat and her teething was making her extra fussy so  we just sat on the porch and handed out candy.  But it was fun and we looked cute doing it!!

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