Kailua Romper by Little Lizard King

While Emma is still letting me put her in whatever I want versus whatever she wants I’m going to make her all the things!  I know there will be a day when she fights me. But that’s not today 🙂  When Little Lizard King was talking about coming out with lots of rompers, I knew I had to jump on that train.

So allow me to introduce you to Kailua. Kailua is an adorable romper with a lined knit bodice.  The romper bottom can be made from woven or knit and has a snap panel for easy diaper changes.



The snap panel construction is genius and the leg openings are finished with bias tape to make for a super clean finish.  I also love the sleeve flutter.  Such an easy detail but it adds so much.


Both rompers I made are a knit bodice and woven bottoms.  The romper definitely works better with a more structured knit so it keeps it’s shape better.  I used rayon spandex for the hot pink and although it is cute, it starts to sag a little.  The light pink is a nice cotton lycra and it held it’s shape a lot better.


Do yourself a favor and grab this romper pattern! You won’t regret it.


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