Fabric Strikes!

When I started sewing ALL the time (about a year ago) I had no idea what all happened behind the scenes of creating a pattern or selling custom fabric.  It was all so new, and like a foreign language.  As I became more connected through social media platforms, I gained a better understanding of it all.  I got invited to join testing groups to try out a certain pattern to work out the kinks before it releases to the general public for sale. This is a really fun process for me and I really love pattern testing and providing fit and tutorial feedback.

Another aspect of the sewing community is custom fabric sales. There are so many people running custom fabric it’s insane. You really could find any kind of fabric you wanted. Part of selling custom fabric is having a “strike off” team.  This is a group of seamstresses, hand selected by the company, that sew up some of the custom fabric (with a pattern of your choice) to advertise it for pre-order.  The pre-order period is only open for a certain number of days and then it closes so that the bulk order can be placed.

I wanted to share with you guys my first round of strikes!  This is from Poppy Kettle Textiles and the round is open until the 15th. Meaning, you can pre-order from this round until the 15th and then the round closes and the bulk order will be placed. All of the below fabric can be pre-ordered at Poppy Kettle Textiles.

This is the Emerie Romper from Striped Swallow Designs.  Emma has recently become very attached to everything Minnie so I was really excited to sew this up for her!

IMG_2358 WM.jpg

I was also sent a panel for this round so I made the Perfect Ten top by Little Lizard King!

And I didn’t only sew for Emma for these strikes.  Along with Minnie, this round includes Joker and Harley Quinn panels and coordinates.  I made a rash guard using the Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress and I’m totally loving how it came out!

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