The Eden Playsuit from Designer Stitch

This was a really accomplishing sew for me!  It contained a lot of firsts. Invisible zipper, darts, fitting a woven romper to my body, and my first time making a Designer Stitch pattern.  Ann (the owner of Designer Stitch) is an Australian pattern designer and owns and operates her own fashion school, The Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design. Her patterns are very different from what I’m used to.  The steps are written for an intermediate seamstress so not everything is spelled out completely. This was a learning curve for me. I found myself googling how to do a lot.  But it was a great experience and I learned sooooo much!  This is the Eden Playsuit!IMG_2248.jpg

So if I’m being honest with you, this was my muslin. I had a ton of this light chambray that was handed down to me so I thought it was perfect for checking fit. Overall, the fit was pretty good. This pattern comes in bust sizes and originally I made a C but that swallowed my chest. So I started over with a B cup and the result was much better. IMG_2255

I learned about darts and how to iron them in a circular motion from the underside so they take the shape of your boobie versus coming to a sharp point. Below is my C cup pointy version.

I also tackled an invisible zipper. I did have to google and read a lot to figure out how to install one. My first attempt was pretty bad. To say the least, my zipper wasn’t invisible at all. I seam ripped it twice before I was happy with how it came out. It still shows a little but I promise it’s better than first attempt.IMG_2261

I also had trouble finished off the top of the zipper and this happened.31265410_10112920244473384_2298912954927546368_n

But I was able to muddle through and figure out how it should be finished.

So the issue I have with store bought rompers is the crotch seam riding up and giving me camel toe/wedgies. Unfortunately since this was my muslin, I do have that same issue with this one. I will need to figure out how to scoop out the crotch seam so I don’t have this problem in the future. Ann said I have a longer than usual pelvic frame (sounds sexy!) haha.

So there you have it! My first woven romper for myself.  It’s a great pattern and Ann is a very knowledgeable seamstress.  I enjoyed testing this for her and learning all that I did!


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