Little Lizard King: Providence. 4th of July Edition

I’ve had a bit of a blogging hiatus…  Life got busy there for a while.  Anyways, I’m back with something adorable to share.  I had the pleasure of testing this newest release from Little Lizard King and I absolutely love it.  This is Providence (releasing July 2).

I have paired the top version with the Charleston bloomers for a perfect summer outfit.

When I blog about a pattern, sometimes I feel like I’m a little bias because I got to go through the whole testing process.  Therefore, I really want to try to be better about giving an honest opinion.  So as you are reading, please know that I truly do love this pattern and I’m not trying to just sell it.  As it doesn’t benefit me at all.

Here’s what I love.  I love the sweet open back.  Modest, but still super adorable.


I also adore that everything is finished with bias tape.  It makes for super simple construction and gives a nice color accent.  IMG_3279WM.jpg

Also, I don’t mind buttonholes at all, but this pattern includes a button loop instead.  So if you hate buttonholes, you don’t have to fight your machine for this one!

All around, I love the simplicity of this top.  It’s not too frou-frou.  There aren’t ruffles or hems.  It comes together so fast and really is just adorable!

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