Toddlers in Bloomers – Yes Please

How old does your kid have to be before bloomers are not appropriate? Sixteen? Perfect! I’ve got some time then. Juuuust kidding (but not really). Haha.

I recently tested the newest baby release from Little Lizard King called Bloomsbury.  It’s a sweet bloomer and top set designed for knit fabrics only.

The top options are a crop top or normal top length. Both options can be finished with a gathered skirt or regular hem.  You can choose from sleeveless, short, 3/4, or long sleeved. There is also an option to use a cuff or ruffle cuff.  For the bloomers there is a ruffle waist, ruffle leg opening, or just standard bloomers.  Emma is in the sleeveless top length, with a gathered skirt, and the ruffle leg opening bloomers.

The neck is finished with binding instead of bands for a super clean, finished look. I know I’m weird, but I’m kind of obsessed with sewing binding.

For her top I used this Art Gallery knit, which has great stretch and recovery. If you are new to sewing binding, a stable knit with really good recovery is key. Otherwise your neckline may get stretched out and wavy.  Always remember to steam, steam, steam after each step dealing with attaching the binding. It really helps to give a professional finish to your garment.

For the bloomers I used a rayon spandex. The leg ruffles are unfinished per the pattern but you could do a rolled hem if you preferred to finish those edges.

For my taste the ruffle bloomers are perfect.  I chose to make them over the plain bloomers because I felt they looked a little too much like panties.  I wanted something that looked more like shorts and the ruffles really help achieve that look!



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