Coachella Shorts Maternity Hack

Just about, um, yesterday, I couldn’t button my shorts anymore.  I have one pair of real maternity jean shorts from my first pregnancy but they were pretty terrible.  We leave for vacation tomorrow, so naturally I thought I needed to sew instead of pack…  What? I don’t want to be uncomfortable on the plane ride in my unbuttoned shorts…

So the Coachella Shorts from Striped Swallow Designs are one of the first patterns I ever bought; and up until tonight, I had not even printed it out. I really wanted to make them because they are adorable and they have an elasticized waist (comfy for the belly right?).  So, I made them.  I strung the elastic through and they were just not comfortable on my gut.  I decided I needed/wanted a yoga waistband. I unpicked my completed shorts and set out to figure out how to do a yoga waistband.  Y’all, I ended up using the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs contoured waistband. I had no idea if it would work or look good but I had to try.

(Excuse my pictures…lets be real, I don’t always have time to pose at golden hour in the backyard behind the DSLR with full makeup and put together outfits…so this is what you get for this.)

IMG_3388Um, could they have turned out anymore perfect???

Details!! I made a size medium (waist) graded to a small (hip) for the Coachella Shorts based on my current (15 week) measurements. I did the 4-inch inseam, low rise, with the slimmer fit pattern. I think using the low rise cut line is a must. I used a light woven denim and I did everything exactly per the pattern instructions up until adding the waistband.

For the waistband I used the FREE Peg Leg pattern countered waistband.  I used a size Medium.  This is what size I already had cut out from pre pregnancy. I know that it still works because I have pre-pregnancy Pegs that I made that fit over my belly now. I used cotton lycra for the waistband. It is super stretchy and has great recovery, which is key.  Once I cut out my waistband, I put it together exactly like the instructions in Peg Leg pattern call for and then I attached to the shorts just like you would attached the waistband to the top of the Peg Legs.  The only thing I did different was not take the full 1/2″ seam allowance. I just did 1/4″ for the whole waistband. I made sure to quarter my shorts and waistband so that I could stretch evenly between quarter points.

IMG_3389In my opinion, the two patterns mashed together perfectly. They are so comfortable.  These were supposed to be my muslin pair to test compatibility, but the Coachella Shorts and the Peg Legs can definitely date.  I will be making more to get me through the rest of summer!!img_3390.jpgLet me know what you think! I’m obsessed!!


  1. Absolutely brill. Not only they/ you look fab but also super comfy and made me think I could use something for my post baby body with a lot of excess skin hanging around.


  2. One thing I found for later in pregnancy: the p4p maternity band is nice but HUGE. I took out a couple inches of height. Then instead of putting the band on top, I attached elastic and folded it over. I started doing it with the contour band post-pregnancy instead of having two layers. You should be able to cut the front and back of the contour band out of the maternity band so no new fabric is needed!


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