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For where I’m at, it’s a little late in the season to be sewing swim.  But when Kelly from asked me to do a maternity hack for the new Annette pattern, I couldn’t say no.  I had to work around vacation and a tight schedule but I got it done and it was a fun hack to document.  I’m extremely proud of the result. So without further ado – my first official hack post for a pattern company is live – check it out!  If you don’t have time to read it now – that’s ok! Pin the image below and come back later.

Pinterest Image copy

Along with the maternity hack, there are some other adjustments I made to this pattern to make it work for me.  Let me explain.

My boobs are far from holding themselves up.  Like farrrrrr. I’ve nursed one kiddo, which doesn’t help.  And number two is on the way. So along with them not wanting to defy gravity, they are also growing everyday! And they hurrrrrrt! TMI? Sorry. So, my first version of this one piece did not work.  I didn’t add any elastic to the chest and the pull strings were narrow. Which resulted in them digging into my skin because I had to pull them so super tight.  So unpicked just about everything. And started over.  During testing, we revised the strap/binding width so I cut out the new binding pieces.  We also decided that for us fuller busted ladies we needed elastic everywhere.  Here is an exhibit showing you where I added elastic.


I did not add any to the “v” in the front but I wish I would have just so it would lay a little better.  All of the elastic I stretched slightly as I attached.  I did stretch it a little more on the back “u” where it curves up to meet the under bust.  I will tell you, the elastic and wider straps and bindings made all the difference in the world!

The other thing I did was size up in my cups.  I really like a lot of coverage there and I knew my boobies would be growing. So I went up one size and added power mesh and swim cups. Those babies are not going anywhere!


I’m excited to have a one piece suit that works for my belly!  I don’t think I’ve had a one-piece since I was a toddler and I was surprised to find out much I liked it.  My husband even said he liked it!

My swim fabric is from Phee Fabrics.  I cannot say enough good things about the swim that they stock.  It is just so easy to work with and the colors are gorgeous.  I’ve had this in my stash for a while and I was so happy to finally get to use it.  The navy bindings are a nylon spandex from Joann.  It’s ok, but just doesn’t compare to high quality swim.

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