The Styled Magnolia Custom Fabric

So – can I be honest with you guys?  When I first got into sewing and started becoming more active in all the different sewing related Facebook groups, I noticed the slew of custom fabric groups.  For me, I didn’t 100% understand the draw.  Most of the custom fabric I came across was weird or out there – crazy colors, weird characters, etc.  And it was twice as expensive as getting something from Joann Fabrics.  But as I became more skilled, and more familiar with different fabrics and qualities, I realized that custom fabrics were on a whole different level, and kind of worth the cost.  However, I still had the problem of not really liking any of the custom fabrics I saw around Facebook.  For example, this is one of the first custom fabrics I received. I did get it for free so that they could use my photos for advertising.  However, as you can see below, it’s weird. At least for my taste.  The blue and black stripes were also custom and sent to me for free – but it’s just not something I would wear everyday.  (I do rock those panties though…just because they are the most comfortable ones I own – you can grab them here).


So, needless to say I just kind of stopped following the custom world. Then one day, someone posted a beautiful floral top that I fell in love with. The print was just so stunning. After inquiring about where the fabric came from, I learned that it was a custom print from The Styled Magnolia.


I have to admit, I haven’t cut into it yet because I am so in love with it. I don’t want to mess it up…

So I joined that group and fell in love with ALL of Meagan’s prints. Cut to a few weeks later and Meagan was looking for strike seamstresses.  Want to know more about strike fabric? See my post about it here.  I applied and got chosen! Woohoo! So for the first round I was a part of, I got chosen to sew this adorable Christmas print.


I made the Babe Hoodie (one of my favorite hoodies) with the Sinclair Patterns Skylar Thumbhole Cuffs.  Let me tell you – the quality of this cotton lycra is incredible. There was minimal rolling while cutting and laying out (which can be an issue with most cotton lycras), it has a super soft hand and the thickness is perfect. Some customs I have tried have been way too thick and stiff.  But I cannot say enough good things about this fabric.

I know this will be a staple this winter because I am just plain obsessed with hoodies 🙂

So, when strike fabric is being ordered you have the option as a strike seamstress to order additional fabric at a discounted rate (for most groups).  Because I loved all the prints so much, I had to order something else.  And I am so glad I did.  This midnight floral is stunning. I made the Halla Bliss dress for myself and the Brindille and Twig T-shirt dress for Emma.




The lines are so crisp and the colors are fantastic.  With all that being said – I know custom fabric can seem pricey. But once you try it, you will understand why.  There really is just no comparison if you find the right custom group!  I recommend giving it a go at least once just to feel the difference! If anything, go join The Styled Magnolia facebook group so you can see all the pretty things coming!

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