M4M Mama Tai Bodysuit

Yes I am 25 weeks pregnant. And no. Pregnant and bodysuit don’t go together. Because, well, because of pee. So I was hesitant to sew this up but then saw that there was a shirt options. Bingo! I love a good fitted top during pregnancy because otherwise I just feel like a trash bag.  I prefer people to see the bump well and not think I just ate too much.  The mermaid team killed it with this top.  It hugs in all the right places.

I did modify the top a little to add some side ruching and guess what – it’s on the Made for Mermaids blog! My first post for M4M – go check it out!


I made this top out of double brushed poly.  I know a lot of people complain about double brushed poly being too hot but I personally love it and have not had any issues.  I feel like I need more of these because this one has been in constant rotation. And it is now cooling off here, so I’m going to need a long sleeved version.

I think long after I have this baby I’ll try the body suit option because I’ve never had one or tried one.  It could be fun!  You can get the bodysuit/top pattern here!

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