Mama Tara & Jeans? Yes! Jeans!

Y’alllllll maternity clothes blow! Like majorly blow. Unless you want to drop a ton of dough. Yes – Target is pretty good for some things and Old Navy can surprise you sometimes but lets be real. In general, good, cute, comfy, maternity clothes are hard to come by within a reasonable budget. Luckily, I can sew. Oh, you didn’t know that?? Yes!! I love it! 😉  I’m 27 weeks now so pants especially are getting more difficult. So lets move on to the outfit shall we?!

First up, the Mama Tara Twist top from Made for Mermaids.  I have a thing for Made for Mermaids patterns. They just fit me really well and I like how they are drafted. And this top was no exception. I made my normal size blue in a super soft and stretchy custom bamboo lycra from The Styled Magnolia and the fit is wonderful. The extra fabric needed to create the twist is perfect for a growing belly.

IMG_4689WM.jpgI also added a band to the bottom of the top instead of hemming it. I really love banded tops. I didn’t know that until I started sewing, but I much prefer them over a standard hem.  I actually really like hemming too (I know – I’m weird)…I just like the look of the band more on most tops.

As for the jeans – I know, you’re itching to know about them! So approximately 5 months ago I tested this pair of jeans – the ones I have on. And I took final photos with them unzipped and unbuttoned because I didn’t have the thigh and waist fit right. I was also bloated from first trimester-ness. They are the Bravado Boot Leg but with the Flare add-on.


Needless to say I put the jeans high on a shelf and thought I would save them for post baby.  Well, I got desperate because nothing was fitting and I was in dire need of pants for work.  So I pulled them off the shelf and deconstructed the waist, pockets, and thighs. Lots of seam ripping.  I let the thighs out some and modified the waist for the maternity add on pack. You guys, I’m beyond thrilled with the result.

I literally have worn these all week because they are the best pair of maternity pants I own now.  I have denim ready for a skinny leg pair.

The ONLY problem I had with these was my yoke topstitching. I used my sewing machine with a straight stitch and length of 3.0. So the yoke topstitching is restricting the stretch of the fabric. I think that’s what was creating my fit issue in the first place. You can see in that last picture how it’s pulling at my hips in the two locations where the yoke topstitching meets the side seam.  My next pair I will use my coverstitch or a triple straight stitch for stretch – lesson learned. I love that you customize them too. I am obsessed with anything ocean and my husband and I enjoy to surf so I thought pocket waves would be fun!

Either way, these are amazing. They stay up and don’t wiggle down like all my other store bought maternity jeans – which is incredible. The denim is also super comfortable. I bought it in a jeans bundle from when they came out with the jeans pattern.  They are hoping to restock their denim at the beginning of 2019 and I am thinking I need to snag some more! For the over-belly band I used a really nice, thick performance fabric from JoAnn.

So there you go! Another maternity outfit cranked out!  I love it and am so proud of myself for making real (maternity) jeans.  And I couldn’t leave Emma out…I love me some mommy and me outfits! Her top is the Patterns for Pirates Tiny Tulip (it’s a free pattern!).

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