Greenstyle Creations Power Bra

I am so excited about this post. This was my first time testing for Greenstyle Creations and it was such a fun process. The test went so smoothly and everyone was interactive and helpful if any questions arose!  The main reason that I wanted to test this pattern was because it has a nursing option.  However, I did make some modifications to make this work for the supplies that are readily available.  The pattern calls for 3/4″ nursing clasps since the straps are 3/4″ wide. However, those are a little difficult to find in local stores.  But Joann carries 3/8″ and 1/2″ nursing clasps.

My modifications are so that 1/2″ nursing clips can be used.  For my version I made the strappy U-back. 

The first thing you want to do is cut out all your pieces.  With this mod, I will be constructing and using (2) 1/2″ straps instead of (4) 3/8″ straps.  The pattern piece is 1 3/8″ wide but we will want to cut it at 1 1/2″ wide.  

Cut two 1 1/2″ wide straps. Use the length indicated on your pattern piece for your size.

To construct the straps you can use your serger or your sewing machine.  Fold the straps right sides together so the long raw edges are aligned.  Next, cut a strip of 1/2″ wide elastic the length of your strap and pin/clip it to the two long raw edges. The elastic will be laying on the wrong side of the fabric.

Attach the elastic using your serger or a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

To finish up your strap, use your favorite turning method to turn it right side out. You will have a 1/2″ wide strap with elastic enclosed in it!

Now you will construct your bra per the tutorial using steps 1 through 4. When you get to step 7 locate the straps we just constructed above.   This is hard to explain in words so look at the pictures carefully, but you will feed your strap through the bottom piece of the nursing clip.  Make sure to feed it through so the seam will be hidden on the backside. See below.

Fold the strap around the clip (about 3/4″) and using your zipper foot, sew as close to the clip as you can. This is tricky – so take your time.  Go back and forth a few times to make sure the clip and strap are secure.

Next we are going to trim the strap so we can attach it to the front of the bra. Trim so that you have 3/4″ to work with.  Lay the strap, right sides together, on the front bra piece and attach with your sewing machine (you can use a serger but using a sewing machine helps reduce bulk).  Because this pattern is drafted for two 3/8″ straps, you will want to trim a little off the bra as shown below. You can also take a bigger seam allowance with your serger when you attach the lining in a later step or sew with your sewing machine until you like the way it looks and clip the corners if you are nervous to trim now.

Now you will complete step 9.  The tutorial states to skip to step 29 for the strappy U-back option but we have already completed our straps so we will move on to step 32 and complete 32 through 34.  Next we need to attach the straps to the back of the bra.  Locate the remainder of the strap pieces. We are completing step 39 but one end of your strap will be free instead of attached at the front.  You don’t need to worry about adjusting the length yet. You can do that when we attach the nursing clip later.  

At this point, you should have one end of your nursing clip attached to the front and a loose strap attached in the back.  

Next we will be attaching a piece of elastic to the bra to hold the back strap in place while nursing.  You really can use any kind of elastic that you want. I chose to use black picot elastic so that it looks nice.

In order to determine out much elastic you need, lay out your bra, lining side up, and lay a piece of elastic inside the cup.  You can cut it a little longer than this to give you room to adjust it if you need to.

Take your cut elastic and the other half of the nursing clip (that we haven’t attached yet) and fold the elastic around the bottom of the clip as shown below.  Make sure you thread it through just like the picture below or your folded over elastic will show on the right side. Using your zipper foot, stitch as close to the clip as you can.

Now clip the two clips together and baste the other edge of the elastic to the bottom edge of the bra.

Next, grab your back straps and string them through the top of the clip as shown below making sure you cross the straps in the back.  You can now try the bra on and see how much of the strap you need to thread through the clip.  Sew the strap closed as close to the clip as you can using a zipper foot.

You are done with the nursing mod! Yay!! Now you just have to add your bottom band per the tutorial.  I hope you love this as much as I do.  It’s nice to have a custom fitting, cute, nursing bra!!

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