Why Things Have Been Quiet (uhhh…crazy) Around Here

I know…my blogging skills as of late could be rated as non existent. But I promise I have a legitimate reason…

See. I told you. Meet Aida Blaine. Miss Aida was due on February 1. However, she decided to grace us with her presence on December 16 – a whole 7 weeks early! We don’t know why she wanted out so soon; the doctors couldn’t find a reason. But she came, and FAST. I ‘thought’ I felt a contraction at around midnight. And while I knew there was no way it could have been, I felt like heading to the hospital ASAP was the best plan. So Jonathan snatched Emma up out of bed and we ran three red lights on the way. When I got there the doctor stated that I was 9 cm. Oh. My. Goodness. Freaked out. About an hour and three hard pushes later (way too late and fast for an epidural) Aida came flying out…not breathing. So thus began our month long NICU journey.

She powered through though and was discharged on January 16 at one month old! She’s doing great, gaining weight, breathing well, and we are all so happy to have her home.

Although she’s keeping me very busy and big sister is as well, I have to find a few minutes every few days to make my way up to my sewing room. It keeps me sane. My sewing time is super limited but I’ll take what I can get right now.

So my first post back from some time away is of course something I made for sweet Aida. I tried a new (to me) pattern company – Peek-a-boo. The pattern is the snap PJs. The newborn size worked out great but I did end up slimming down the tummy area for a little bit better fit.

I love how they came out! The adorable watercolor print is from The Styled Magnolia. It’s a cotton lycra which is perfect for baby clothes.

Aida did such a good job for her first modeling session 😉

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