The Inspires Moto Add-On – Tips and Tricks to Make Your Moto Sewing Easier

Look what Greenstyle Creations just came out with!! I’ve been dying for a moto hack for my inspires. Being as that I am a perfectionist, these took me longer than it should have to complete. So I’m here to help your experience go smoother!!

Step 1: Take a deep breath.

Step 2: Turn on your iron and let it be your best friend through this process.

Step 3: Test your heat setting on a scrap of your fabric.

Step 4: Do not skip any of the first three steps!!

Ok let’s start!!

Cut out your moto panel rectangles per the pattern pieces. Although there are markings on the pattern piece for your pintucks, I found it easier and more accurate to use my cutting board and a straight edge to measure and draw my lines. This eliminates any printer/taping error.

Once all the lines are drawn, go over to your iron and press each fold (wrong sides together). Do this slowly and accurately.

Now we will sew the pintucks. I have a coverstitch machine, which is great for knits and athletic wear; however, I found that using my sewing machine was way easier and more accurate. If one pintuck is off or crooked, you won’t be happy with the final outcome. I used the lightning bolt stitch and I’m very happy with the outcome. Test the stitch on scraps to check your tension and the stretch.

Now fold your pintuck panel on the first line you drew and pressed, and sew at a 1/4″ seam allowance. Pick a spot on your presser foot to line up the fabric with and don’t take your eye off that spot.

This is important. My upper thread stitching always looks nicer than my bobbin thread. So I made sure to sew my pintucks all exactly the same so that when I press my pintucks down, the top thread is showing and the bobbin thread is underneath. If you look at the photo above, my sewn pintucks were always face up on the left of the presser foot. Consistency is key here so they look nice!

After you’ve sewn all your pintucks, go to your iron and steam steam steam!! Then give them a good press on the front and back of the fabric to make sure they are all pressed nicely down. Don’t skip this step.

Once you have sewn all your pintuck panels you are ready to cut out the actual pattern piece. You will have two upper rectangles and two lower ones. One thing you want to make sure of, is that you cut out your two upper pieces mirrored and your two lower pieces mirrored, but in exactly the same spot so that the pintucks on each leg matches. Use a new, sharp rotary blade or good scissors!!

Once your pieces are cut, baste the pintucks down.

Now you are ready to piece everything together. My biggest tip here is to baste baste baste!! Since you are lining up so many pieces, you really want to make sure it’s perfect.

Basting will also ensure that your pieces won’t shift when serging.

I chose to topstitch my moto panel seams with a reverse coverstitch and love the finished look of it. You do want to make sure the seam allowances are all pressed away from the moto panel. This makes the pintucks lay nicer.

That’s it! These things really helped me get a professional looking finish and I just love how mine came out!

This cool fabric is from The Styled Magnolia and it has a really neat ‘wet look’ to it. It’s available for retail in blue, purple haze, blush and black!

You can grab the inspire leggings here:

And the moto add on here:

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