Getting Back in the Testing Groove

After Aida was born I really limited my amount of pattern tests because testing is time consuming and, lets be honest, time is just not something I have a ton of right now. But i have continued to find a few minutes here and there to get some sewing in. I have slowly started easing my way back into testing because I do love it and always learn so much.

While I bowed out of a lot of my testing groups for the time being, I chose to stay with Little Lizard King. They are my favorite baby/toddler designer! And sewing baby clothes is just so much fun. So without further ado, here is Aida’s first LLK test – The Richmond Romper.

There are a ton of these romper patterns out there but for some reason I never loved the fit of any of them. But this one, I love. And it comes with a snap crotch option – which is a must right now. But if you don’t want snaps, there is a low back option so that the whole romper can be pulled on through the neck opening.

I also love the adorable flutter sleeve options.

Her cacti romper is paired with a sized down Aspen Headband and the mint romper is with the Lenox Headband.

The cactus fabric and coordinate is from The Styled Magnolia and the mint fabric is from Girl Charlee.

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