Greenstyle Creations Taylor Shorts and Adding a Scalloped Hem

Often times, when I make something new I either love it or don’t. And if I love it, I have every intention of sewing it again but very rarely does that happen. Life gets too busy, a new pattern gets put out that I want to try, pattern testing gets busy, etc. However, once I made the Greenstyle Taylor Shorts I immediately cut out another pair to sew. I have such a hard time with shorts! They are either saggy in the back (because of my lack of a bum) or they are too tight in the waist but look good in the bum. And then there are some that are too tight in my thigh area and I hate the way those look on me.

After I made these I did adjust the side seams some by letting them out a little. I felt they were pulling at the hip and pocket. I didn’t change the inseam or crotch because I liked the way that area fit.

The adjustments were super easy to make and for my next pair I added to the side seams before I cut and they came out perfect.

Ahhhhh so see that fun scalloped hem?? I saw these shorts a few summer ago with a scalloped hem and I knew I needed to make some. The Taylor shorts were a perfect start. I’ll walk you through what I did!

I didn’t know how long I wanted them with the scallops so I cut them a touch longer than the short shorts line. If you know how long you want yours, cut them 2.5-inches longer than that – you will be folding under that excess later. My initial steps will look different because I ended up cutting an extra strip of fabric to add to mine.

So construct the shorts just like the tutorial instructs and when it comes time to hemming you will change it up! Here are my finished shorts with the raw bottom edge. You can see my extra strip of fabric. If you added the 2.5-inches, simply fold that over, right sides together and press. Something else I didn’t do that I wish I would have after wearing, is interfacing that 2.5″ piece. Use a lightweight interfacing and press it to the wrong side of the bottom 2.5-inches.

Now you need a scallop template. You can make your scallops however big or small that you want. I actually tested out a few sized on muslin fabric before I decided on these. Trace your scallops onto your fabric making sure to leave 1/4″ at the bottom of each scallop for seam allowance. You don’t want them to but up against your folded edge like my picture below shows (#lessonlearned).

Now you will sew along your marked line and when you get to each point where the arcs meet, make sure to leave your needle down and pivot your fabric so you get a nice clean point. Make sure you trace your scallops so that the inseam is where you start and end your tracing. That way, if you have any funny, left over arcs – they won’t be noticeable.

Pull the hem down and serge or zigzag the raw edge.

Clip your curves and at each point, clip a notch so that they turn nicely.

Now you will carefully turn all your scallops. Use some kind of tool that you can stick into each scallop and really get them pushed out nicely. Take your time and use your iron so that they look nice. Once they are all turned, press them really really well!

There are two ways you can finish the shorts to make sure your scallops stay put. You can do a blind hem at the top of your serged edge or you can stitch in the ditch at the side seam and inseam (which is what I opted for!). I absolutely love how they came out!

See how the scallops are flipping up on my right leg? I feel that adding interfacing will help that next time! But for my first time doing them – I am soooo happy with the result!

This white floral fabric is of course from The Styled Magnolia. And honestly, it’s the perfect weight and feel for these shorts!

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