Little Lizard King Bellevue Romper

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I make the Bellevue Romper or Dress I fall in love with the outcome. It is just a stunning pattern. I’m getting quicker at whipping them up too! The ruffles are tedious but oh so pretty. I remember making Emma a Bellevue Romper and just adoring it. So I knew Aida needed one stat!

Don’t tell anyone, but this adorable, girly, pink fabric was a clearance find at Wal-Mart…shhhhh! It actually sewed up quite nicely and I am obsessed with how that color looks on her skin.

I opted to put my buttons on the outside versus the inside (like the pattern calls for) because I thought it would be a little more comfortable for her!

If you haven’t tried this pattern yet for your little one, you seriously need to! You will be overwhelmed with how cute it is 🙂

And of course, it comes with a snap crotch for those frequent diaper changes. One thing I love about LLK patterns is how the leg openings are finished with bias tape. I made my own for this one and used it on the outside of the leg opening so that there was a fun contrast look versus folding it to the inside! Little details like that make me happy! I’m a sewing nerd.

Aida and I thank you for checking out my blog and hope you are having a great summer!

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