Tested: The Women’s Isla Dress & Maxi from LLK

Little Lizard King is no doubt one of my favorite pattern companies for the girls. Their patterns are just always spot on and so cute. When they announced wanting to come out with a women’s pattern I knew I couldn’t miss out.

The Isla dress is best made in rayon, voile, or something flowy and with great drape. If you use something else, you may get a boxier look and feel frumpy! I used a custom Rayon Challis from The Styled Magnolia and honestly it was perfect for this style.

The dress features a bodice ruffle and if we are being honest, I have never been a fan of those because I felt like they accentuated my bust which I don’t want accentuated any more than it already is. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the dress!

I also chose to add the ruffle at the bottom of the skirt. I actually hated myself for choosing this option while I was in the process of gathering infinity miles of ruffles, BUT once I was done, I was like ok awesome – that was totally worth the effort. I love the added flounce and bounce it adds to the skirt!

And bonus – the dress is nursing friendly with a quick “up and over”. This is a must in my wardrobe these days!

While this maxi is my favorite version – I did sew up a short dress version for my initial fit check. I used a really cheap, slippery, PITA fabric from Wal-Mart but it turned out cuter than I expected.

As always, thanks for reading and you can grab the pattern here!


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